Friday, December 23, 2011


  • You can always get more money, but you can't get more time... Spend your time doing what you LOVE!
  • Never Hope More Than You Work!
  • Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it.
  • A best friend knows you're sad, a best friend knows you're mad, a best friend knows you're crying, a best friend knows you're lying.
  • Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you'll never, ever have enough.
  • Don't be jealous of other people. There might be someone prettier, smarter, or better than u. But, there's never going to be someone like U.
  • Don't let other people's opinions influence yours. Always have a mind of your own
  • Every struggle in ur life has shaped u into the person u r today.. Be thankful for the hard times.. They can only make u stronger
  • Better late than never, but never late is better.
  • Live your life, take chances, be crazy. Dont wait 'cause right now is the oldest you've ever been & the youngest you'll be ever again.
  • Do not mess with someone else's feelings just because you are unsure of yours.
  • Don't cry over the past, it's gone. Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived. Live in the present & make it beautiful.
  • In school, we learn the lessons before we take the test. In life, we take the test before we learn the lesson.

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