Saturday, October 29, 2011


I’m going to leave now
Don’t leave...
I’m going to come back so…
Liar, liar
No- don’t you know how much I love you?
Can’t you show that love to me right now?
I love you…
Can’t we love again?
As of right now, I can’t say anything
The miracle of you- it all seems like a fantasy
The last image of you seems to be locked only in my memories
I wonder if you are watching me from somewhere
Even if I regret, it’s too late- I can’t see you anymore
The tears of the shadows of my memories are watching over that place
I can’t say those words, I really can’t- as much as you were by my side
I’m sorry but I can’t- everything comes shaking back to me now
By waiting a little more, by wandering through my dreams
I’m afraid I will close my eyes inside of you
* Don’t leave, don’t leave- can’t you stay by my side?
Lies, all lies- I don’t hear anything
I love you, I love you- can’t you show me those words?
I love you, I love you- will you love me again?
Time already passed like this
I try looking for your traces but they are erased
The last memories of you are locked in the rims of my tears
Just end it, end me- if you’re not going to be next to me
I’m sorry but I’ll leave now- following your footsteps
Following the road with no end- as I wander to find you
I’m afraid I will lose you and be sad
* repeat
Don’t leave, don’t leave- can’t you stay?
Lies, lies, I don’t hear anything
I love you, I love you- can’t you show me?
Can’t you love me, love me, love me?
Don’t leave, don’t leave- can’t you stay?
Lies, lies, I don’t hear anything
I love you, I love you- can’t you show me?
Please come back
* repeat

i miss them 5..T__T

i love this song so damn much..the best song ever from JYJ..but still i miss them 5..hope they will be back together on stage one day..ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH CASSIOPEIA..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Hectic is a Maths student's life

just wanna babbling guys better stop reading this entry for your own sake..

just wanna say my head is close to burst..everything must be settle down within a week!!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

alhamdulillah selesai~~~

Alhamdulillah..syukur sangat2 sebab dapat buat open house untuk member2 UMT...geng math komp + budak2 junior math komp n math kew,n geng bie & geng amani, alhamdulillah budak2 nie semua datang umah aku yang bese2 je nie..^__^..dah lame sangat aku nak ajak budak2 nie datang makan2 kat umah tapi keadaan sebelum nie memang tak mengizinkan...kira aku rase dah lepas hajat sebab ape yang aku nak sangat buat selama nie dah pun terlaksana siang tadi.. 

Member2 nie memang budak2 baek..sayang korang ketat2..benda yang buat aku sentap amat terharu..time mula2 makan,aku langsung2 x perasan yang nasik n lauk budak2 laki dah habis..time aku jenguk je,aku terkejut gile ah tengok nasik lauk semua dah habis licin..tapi kan budak2 nie semua duk diam makan lansung tak panggil aku mintak tambah lauk..aku tatau la korang bahagi makanan cam ne...sumpah terharu..mintak maap sangat2 sebab lambat tambah lauk taw..

mekaceh sbb dtg.. ;)

And girls plak,semua x banyak kerenah je..ala2 semua dah jadi anak dara gitu..haha..girls,mekaceh taw sebab sporting habis..korang memang lepak ah..hehe..korang sudi datang dressing cantek2,aku memang terharu la.. :)

wo ai nee..

spesel buat junior akak yang sudi datang umah td,sorry kalau x terlayan nak sembang2 ke hape..korang tiga math komp,sorg math kew kan..memang sempoi sanggup datang umah senior korang yang tak feymes nie..hehe 

together with my math's juniors..
Last,guys sorry kalau korang makan x kenyang ke hape..nasik kalau x sedap pun sorry k.air yang termanis tertawar semua la..harap korang sudi datang umah  aku lagi...^__^