Tuesday, September 27, 2011


~my SPP! Ranch~

gonna miss this game so damn much..this is the first time ever in my life to play this kind of on9 game just like i do have a real ranch..haha...cows, goat, sheep, peri bird, panda, horse, chicken.. just name it all. they are all my pets... i'm a rich young farmer in Spp world..:)..i have spend a lot of my free time and effort to this ranch..

dis is all my efforts during semester break~ 

i decorated dis ranch all by myself~

and this is my superpoke pets.. his name is Xiah Junsu..:)

gonna miss my lil pet, junsu..  :)

junsu's laughing like crazy.. ;p

and i have a nice talk with my neighbour, Tara Benjamin, USA. < Tara, if you do read my entry, just wanna let you know i miss you n keep praying we can meet in this 'small world'.> girl, you are so sweet and as you said, just try our level best to be good to others..n i do respect your opinion about religion. but your life will be perfect if you have religion girl. Praying may God bless you and your family. live well dear.n sorry for being late searching your name on SPP..so its end up with i cant find your name since SPP Ranch slide shut down already.its all my mistake.so sorry dear..wish you the best of luck for your future and may you get a good job soon..take care.. ;)

***dear Tara, for my broken English i'm sorry..^__^

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